Personal Author's name: A-Level
All persons responsible for the intellectual content of a resource are treated as personal creators and their names should be entered in this field in the sequence they appear on the resource.

Note: In WebAGRIS all the entities of the author (name, affiliation, email, role) are entered in different sub-fields which are grouped together. To add another Author and its entities, click the "Repeat button", provided. You will note that all the 4 subfields will be repeated.

Author names are entered in the following sequence: surname, forename initial(s), prefixes, particles

Examples of Authors in different languages:
Brown, J.
Brown, J.P.Jr. (with no space between initials)
Fassi-Fihri, A.
Gutierrez Frias, M,
Van Beukering, P.
Von de Muehl, H.-D.
De la Fontaine, J.P.
Del Rio, R.
Sviridov, Yu.V.
Yamasaki, S.
Kim. S.C.
Magabogunji, A.L.
Nguyen Vinh Hoa

For more information see the cataloguing manual under: Personal Creator