Personal Author: M Level
All persons responsible for the intellectual content of a resource are treated as personal creators and their names should be entered in this field in the sequence they appear on the resource.

By pressing "Repeat" button you may add more than one personal author.

Author names are entered in the following sequence:

surname, forename initial(s), prefixes, particles, role

Brown, J.
Brown, J.P.Jr. (no space between initials)
Fassi-Fihri, A.
Gutierrez Frias, M,
Van Beukering, P.
Von de Muehl, H.-D.
De la Fontaine, J.P.
Del Rio, R.
Sviridov, Yu.V.
Yamasaki, S.
Kim. S.C.
Magabogunji, A.L.
Nguyen Vinh Hoa

For more information see the cataloguing manual under: Personal Creator