Corporate Author: M Level
Enter in this field the name and location of the corporate body identified on the resource as responsible for its content. The corporate body may be identified as:
  • the body responsible for the intellectual content in the absence of a personal creator.
  • the issuing body in conjunction with a personal creator.
  • the assignee of a patent.
  • the academic institution granting degrees.
  • the country issuing legislative literature
Enter all names of corporate bodies responsible for the intellectual content of the work.
Corporate body is entered in the following sequence:
  1. when the corporate creator field consists of only the main institution: Name of institution, Place (Country)
    Ex 1. Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias, Madrid (Spain)

  2. If it consists of subordinate bodies: Main Institution, Place of the subordinate body (Country). Smallest subordinate body
    Ex 2. University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago). Dept. of Agricultural Extension
For more information see the cataloguing manual under: Corporate Creator

Note: It is good practise to select the corporate author from an Authority list, and to continually update the Authority list with any new entry. This helps to avoid typos.
Click on the List button to select the appropriate corporate authors. If the desire corporate author is missing, click on the Create New button to create one in the Authority file