Fr - AGROVOC descriptors

This is a mandatory field for all types of documents.

This field is used for entering descriptors from a controlled vocabulary in English.
AGROVOC is an inherent feature of WebAGRIS with the following languages: English, French and Spanish

Note: In webAGRIS selecting the desired language of indexing from the "Data entry menu" will automatically provides the language in which to index the resource. For example if you select English, the worksheet will have the possibility to index from the English version of AGROVOC

Insert AGROVOC descriptors by selecting them from the thesaurus, following the instructions below.

  1. Click on the List Button provided. This will load the AGROVOC thesaurus and will enable you to choose appropriate descriptors
  2. The user is provided with a search box where a descriptor can be entered for searching
  3. Click on the option Alphabetic to list the AGROVOC descriptor in alphabetical order
  4. Click the option KWOC to view the descriptor as it has been applied in AGROVOC
  5. Click the Browse button to provide the descriptor(s) being searched
  6. Select the descriptor(s) that correspond to the document being indexed by clicking in the box provided beside each descriptor
  7. Click on the Append button, to upload the selected descriptors into to the field
Note: Append button adds while the Replace button replaces any previously chosen descriptors

For more information on indexing see the cataloguing manual under: Subject