Secondary subject category (8)
Enter secondary subject categories, separated by semicolons (;) from the authority browse list

Select the category from the authority list as follows:
  1. Click on the List Button provided. This will display the AGRIS Subject categories alphabetically
  2. The user is provided with a search box where a category can be entered for searching
  3. Different options are offered to help in the selection namely AGRIS Category by Name, AGRIS Category by Codes & Word from the Category
  4. Click the Browse button to list the desired category
  5. Select the appropriate category that correspond to the document to be indexed by clicking in the box beside each category
  6. Click on the Append button, to upload the selected Category (ies)into to the field
Note: Append button adds to, while the Replace button replaces any previously chosen Categories

For more information on indexing see the cataloguing manual under: Subject

For more details on categories refer to Category codes details