Operators between terms within a field

The terms in one search criteria field may be ORed or ANDed, depending on the choice made in the AND/OR combo box. So, if the user wishes to find documents containing the terms  "animal" and "breeding" in the title , he/she can specify as in the example below:

Keywords from Title 


The basic ISIS logical operators can also be used: 
 +   for OR 
 *   for AND 
 ^   for AND NOT 

If the field contains ISIS boolean operators, the selection AND/OR does not change  them. See the example below 

Keywords from Title 

the system will interpret the field as a query for records containg the keyword animal and breeding, but not containing cattle
animal^cattle * breeding

If the box "Exact match of words" is   on, you can still use the $ mask for root searching:

Keywords from Title 

In this case the the keywords animal and breed are masked whereas the word cattle is the "exact keyword" matched. 

See also Example 1.