FAO help-Optional selections and function buttons

Selection buttons:

  • Matching words

  • Exact match of words:
    with this box you can choose the way you want the system to treat all the terms specified in the criteria fields. If the box is not on, this means that each term is treated as a stem (in ISIS it corresponds to the $ mask).
  • Format combo box selection

  • Format:
    here you can select one of the formats to display the search result. If you do not know what the size of the answer is likely to be, start with the short format;
  • Sort combo box selection

  • Sort:
    With this combo-box you can select the sort method for the search results.

Function buttons:

  • Use the SEARCH button  when you have completed your query formulation, and all other selections on the questionnaire have been made;
    The Edit QUERY
    button can be used to perform an advanced search by means of the ISIS query language and field selection prefixes. To use this function you must be familiar with the syntax of ISIS query language and field selection prefixes assigned to each particular field. See the example.

  • The CLEAR button can be used to clear  all the criteria fields. 

  • Use the UNDO button to clear your last input.  If, therefore, you have entered any text to a field since your last log-on to the server, undo clears your last input from the form generated by the query.  

  • Use the LIST button to view the search terms. See the example.