Basic features

The system provides on-line access to the AGRIS databases. The browser window contains two frames:

  • in the left frame there is a "menu window" showing the various options available to you while you work with the database;
  • the right hand frame is used for a direct dialogue with you, the user.
To begin your session choose one of the buttons located in the left frame. There are four options available to you: The first option provides a quick method for accessing documents.  It is very useful for users who have no experience with databases. It may also be used as a quick reference tool to access records, retrieving them by author or by two or three keywords.

The second method allows for the building up of a more sophisticated query, consisting of a number of fields connected by the logical operators AND, OR, NOT. Although not as easy as the simple search, it can be used by a relatively inexperienced user. The system provides dictionary lists of terms, so that the user can pick the terms from the list and add them to a given search field, rather than relying on a trial and error method.

The third  option allows the user to consult the built-in AGROVOC thesaurus. If the user does not know what to enter into the field, or the search results are not satisfactory, he or she can use the thesaurus. The thesaurus provides links between the terms, thus allowing for the formulation of a more comprehensive query for a given subject, using, for example, related terms, narrower terms etc. 

The fourth method is designed for information professionals who have experience in searching and have some knowledge of the CDS/ISIS query language and the database structure. This option is available by pressing the History button. A description of the   CDS/ISIS query language   and CDS/ISIS field identifiers required for this search is available.