A- Personal Author GE- Geographic Coverage
Advanced search  History function
AGROVOC KWOC - Keywords out of context 
Agrovoc based search  L- Language
BT- Broader term NT- Narrower term
C- Corporate Author Operand qualifier
CDS/ISIS Query history function
CDS/ISIS field identifiers RT- Related term
CO- Keywords from Conference Search operator - AND
D- Descriptor Search operator - field level and proximity search 
Descriptor Search operator - OR
Developing the search strategy Search term - ANY 
DT- Form of document Search term - Precise 
F- File assignment Search term - Right truncated 
Free text searching Simple search
Free text searching T- FAOBIB Accession
Function button CLEAR TI- Keywords from Title
Function button EDIT ISIS YY- Year
Function button EDIT/VIEW  
Function button Exact match word  
Function button List  
Function button SEARCH  
Function button SORT  
Function button UNDO  
Function buttons