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a. Precise Terms

A precise term is any searchable element defined for a given database, such as subject descriptors, key words, key phrases, words in titles, author names etc. You must be familiar with the search terms available for the database you intend to search. 

When you use a precise search term you must specify it in exactly the same way as it is known to CDS/ISIS. You should normally have the list of search terms to hand when you formulate your query. Even minor variations in spelling will cause CDS/ISIS to reject it. Thus for example, if the term known to CDS/ISIS is COLOR
(American spelling) you may not use the English spelling COLOUR, as this will be rejected. 

An important point to remember is that if the search term contains parentheses or any of the search operators (* + (G) (F) $ ^) or begins with a number (#), you must enclose it in double quotation marks ("  ") in order to avoid a possible ambiguity. Thus if your search term is: 




otherwise CDS/ISIS will issue a syntax error message. 

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