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Note: All examples in ISIS query language below are given under assumption that the the function of  "Exact match of words" is on.
Field name
Sample values
on the query questionnaire
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CDS/ISIS query language
Keywords from Title  TI= Contains the keywords extracted from the title of the publication. In the case of a paper, the paper's title; in the case of a book, the book title infrared; absorbance; changes ("TI=infrared"+"TI=absorbance" + "TI=changes")
Keywords from Serial Title  ST= Contains the keywords extracted from the serial title of the publication. FAT; Berichte ("ST=FAT"+"ST=Berichte")
Personal Author  A= Contains names of the authors of a paper or book Brown; Smith ("A=Brown" + "A=Smith") 
Corporate Author  C= Contains the keywords extracted from the corporate author name International; Organization;  ("C=International" + "C=Organization")
Keywords from Conference CO= Contains the keywords extracted from the conference material. foods "CO=foods"
Descriptors  D= Descriptors used by indexer Agriculture "D=Agriculture"
Language  L= Contains the language of the document in code  En;fr;sp "L=En" + "L=fr" + "L=sp"
TRN  TRN= Contains TRN of the document CH2001000002 "TRN=CH2001000002"
Subcentre code  SC= One digit expressing subcentre code of the inputting institution  2 "SC=1"
Date entered (yyyymm)  DE= 6 digits expressing year and month (in format: yyyymm) of date when document was entered  200101 "DE=200101"
Record status  RS= Record status (T-Temporary, C-Completed)  C "RS=C"
Keywords from record K= An  index containing keywords from all the  text fields from the records infrared;brown;international "K=infrared" +"K=brown"+"K=international"