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Using the Thesaurus

If you do not know what term to enter in a the field, or the results of your search are not satisfactory, you can use the thesaurus by pressing the Thesaurus button located on the left side of your screen. 

The right hand window will be divided into two parts. The left part will show you the list of available terms in alphabetical order (by pressing Browse button you will see the next group). Some words will be written in red; they are the equivalent of the words used underneath. Each time you press the small box next to a term, you insert this term into the search text box located in the right hand frame.  You may insert as many terms as you wish. (see the example)

The thesaurus allows you to search and to insert synonyms (SN), broader terms (BT), and related terms (RT) (see the example)

When you have finished inserting all the required terms into the search box, start searching by pressing the Search button, or formulate the query by using your own ISIS tags.

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