AGROVOC - Multilingual Agricultural Thesaurus



AGROVOC is FAO's multilingual agricultural thesaurus. A thesaurus is a system of terms and relations that presents knowledge in a specific domain. AGROVOC can be seen on-line at:

AGROVOC contains at present 16 607 descriptors and numerous (10,758 in English) non-descriptors (synonyms). The on-line version, accessible from FAO's Website (above), is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Portuguese. Numerous other language versions are used all over the world.

How to use AGROVOC:

Descriptors are indexing terms consisting of one or more words, and representing always one and the same concept.

Non-descriptors are terms which help the user to find the appropriate descriptor(s). They appear followed by a reference (USE operator) to the descriptor, which is the preferred term, and the only one which may be used for indexing.

Table of symbols used in the word blocks of descriptors and non-descriptors

Symbol  Meaning Type
BT broader term descriptor
NT narrower term descriptor
rt related term descriptor
USE use non-descriptor
uf used for descriptor

Browse a descriptor

To find a descriptor, type a term or part of a term (at least two characters). Click on "go to term".

Example: agricultur will position on "AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT" etc.

To see the whole word block just click on the descriptor.

To select the term in a textarea click on "select" button.